Cascate del Mulino – Tuscany’s Stunning Limestone Pools

Among the rolling hills and vineyards of the Tuscan countryside lies one of the most stunning tourist attractions not only in Italy, but in the entire world – a cascade of white limestone pools overflowing with warm, turquoise water known as Cascate del Mulino.

Translated as “Waterfalls of the Mill” in Italian, this surreal-looking natural wonder is located on the grounds of an old mill, just a few kilometers outside of the village of Saturnia. Since the time of the Roman empire, people have been coming here to have various ailments cured by the special water of the underground springs in the area, which is rich in sulfur and other minerals. But nowadays, Cascate del Mulino has become a popular destination for tourists and Instagram travel influencers, offering both stunning views of the surrounding Tuscan countryside and attention-grabbing social media pics.

Also known as the “Cascatelle di Saturnia”, this incredible place really looks like a paradise, as cliché as that may sound. The cascading white pools with their inviting turquoise waters flowing at a constant 37 degrees Celsius, steaming on a chilly morning look like something out of a fairytale or a dream. It is also one of the few free natural spas in Tuscany, making it an unmissable stop on a holiday in this Italian region.

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The waters of Cascate del Mulino flow year round and, in fact, it’s recommended to visit the Cascatelle in late fall or even winter, in order to avoid large crowds. The water maintains a constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius no matter the season.

Legend has it that the Cascate del Mulino were formed by bolts of lightning that missed their target after Jupiter threw them at Saturn. Looking at the beauty of this place, it’s not that hard to believe that it was a god’s handiwork.

Saturnia’s spas have an ancient history. The Ethruscans were the first to build a bath here and a temple to thank the gods for this gift. Then the Romans seized the area and built the first public bath in history, Aurinia, in the center of Saturnia.

📸 Photo taken by @thebrieadventure . 📸 Foto scattata da @thebrieadventure . . 📍Cascate del mulino, Saturnia, Grosseto, Toscana, Italia ⠀ 🇮🇹 Le Cascate del Mulino di Saturnia sono l’attrattiva turistica più recensita ed apprezzata su TripAdvisor della Maremma Toscana ed inserite da tutte le guide turistiche tra le più belle Terme Libere in Toscana. Si tratta di un luogo che si è creato naturalmente, grazie all’azione di una cascata di acque solfuree termali e generata dal torrente termale del Gorello. Fonte: Questa è una foto davvero spettacolare! Grazie mille @thebrieadventure per averla condivisa con noi. ⠀ 🇺🇸 The Cascate del Mulino in Saturnia are the most reviewed tourist attraction and appreciated on Tripadvisor of the Tuscan Maremma and included by all the tourist guides among the most beautiful Terme Libere in Tuscany. It is a place that was created naturally, thanks to the action of a waterfall of sulphurous thermal waters and generated by the thermal stream of Gorello. Source: This is a really spectacular photo! Thank you so much @thebrieadventure for sharing it with us. ⠀ 🌏📸 If you want to share any photo of your trips, use our hashtag #wheredoesmycamerago or send them via DM or email to ✅ Se vuoi condividere con noi foto dei tuoi viaggi, utilizza il nostro hashtag #wheredoesmycamerago oppure mandale in DM oppure tramite la mail ⠀ ⠀ 📍 #travel #vacation #visiting #traveler #wanderlust #holiday #doyoutravel #tourism #passport #art #toscana #tuscany #italia #italy #firenze #ig #florence #igerstoscana #travel #siena #pisa #tuscanygram #livorno #maremmatoscana #terme #cascatedelmulino #saturnia #grosseto
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The pools at Cascate del Mulino are not deep enough to swim in, like the ones at the larger Terme di Saturnia spa, but if you’re looking to just lie in the warm, turquoise water and take in the pristine Tuscan countryside, this place is definitely the one you want to visit. Plus, it’s completely free, while the Terme has an entry fee.

Tuscany is full of hot springs appreciated since ancient times for their relaxing and therapeutic virtues. Right in the middle of the Maremma Natural Park, in Saturnia, Tuscany, the Cascate Del Mulino appear as a hidden oasis. | 📸 @mblockk |📍Toscana, Italy | • • Clear blue and at 37°C all year round, these thermal waters, rich in hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, mineral salts and thermal plankton, flow from one basin to another on different levels. They have been renowned for their benefits for the skin, digestion and circulation since ancient Rome. • • D'un bleu limpide et à 37°C toute l'année, ces eaux thermales riches en sulfure d’hydrogène, en dioxyde de carbone, en sels minéraux et en plancton thermal, coulent d’un bassin à l'autre sur différents niveaux. Elles sont réputées pour leurs bienfaits pour la peau, la digestion ou encore la circulation depuis la Rome Antique. • • #travelz #travel #travelling #travelcommunity #traveltheworld #travelthroughtheworld #discover #discovertheworld #discoverearth #earthfocus #voyage #voyager #voyageur #voyageuse #decouvrir #decouverte #decouvertedumonde #italy #toscana #cascate #cascade #cascatedelmulino
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Термы Сатурния (Cascate del Mulino) - удивительное место в Италии в регионе Тоскана. Самые известные бесплатныетермы Италии, которым уже более 3-х тысяч лет. Это самые настоящие серные водопады, в которых можно купаться даже ночью и в холодное время года, испытывая на себе целебные терапевтические свойства этих вод. Минеральная вода поступает на поверхность из подземного источника сохраняя свою температуру равную 37,5°C. Термальная вода обладает очень мощными целебными свойствами благодаря наличию в ней термального планктона. @saltinourhair #италия #тоскана #регионтоскана #термыиталии #термытосканы #термысатурнии #сатурния #cascatedelmulino
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Home Magazine: Cascate del Mulino – Tuscany’s Stunning Limestone Pools
Cascate del Mulino – Tuscany’s Stunning Limestone Pools
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